Purpose Statement

1. TO BUILD BRIDGES between the various types of people through commonly shared life situations and spirituality.

2. TO LOVE OTHERS. God is personal and loves this world so very much. St. Paul’s speech on Mars Hill is a prime example of how culture can connect us to God. Our aim is to facilitate better connections. (John 3:16, Acts 17)

3. TO SEIZE THE MOMENT within the intersection of Christ and our ever changing culture. 


Our in-house authors:

Minister Cara Buckley: Executive Editor

Minister Cara Buckley: Executive Editor

Cara is an Ordained Independent Minister with the National Association of Christian Ministers. Her education includes a Bachelor of Arts in English from Simpson University and two Producer Certifications from Southern Oregon University.

Having been raised in a pastoral family, she developed a passion for ministry through writing and music.

Sharing her passion for music, her husband is the leader of Mayde In Ireland, the Antelope Valley's #1 Irish Folk Act, as well as a skilled computer technician.

They are proud to have no children for the sake of their service for Christ.