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BLINK (2010)  Music Review

  • By Cara Buckley
  • 22 Jun, 2010
Revive’s second album

Revive album, Blink , hits shelves on June 22. The new album touches upon the theme of living in the moment and chasing what matters. They like to vary their sounds with rock and pop, says Hanbury, to emphasize the melodies instead of “melting people’s faces with guitar riffs.“

Lead singer Dave Hanbury says, “We thought ‘chasing what matters’ is a great theme for the record: Your life is over in a blink. What are you going to do with it?”

Its hit single Blink  reached the top 15 songs in the country on CHR and AC radio formats including national stations DOVE and Air 1. Other songs that share this inspirational message include but are not limited to “Don’t give up the fight,” “Almost Missed This Moment,” and “Something Glorious.”

“Revive’s Blink  is one of the fastest connecting single we’ve had in long while,” says LOVE 98.1 network’s music director Kris Love. “We’ve had immediate and steady phones since adding it and the testing confirms that the song is a hit for us.”

Originally from Australia, the Christian rock band moved to Atlanta and was warmly welcomed into America’s growing Christian music industry. The four musicians attended the same church in Australia and held the same goal to make a meaningful difference, which was difficult in Australia. There is no Christian industry there, and they did not know any professionals to ask for advice. Instead, they found inspiration and help from Third Day’s Mac Powell who produced their first album. With that they earned a nomination in the Gospel Music Association’s DOVE Award.

The new record, Blink , will be available in stores on June 22. It is also available on sale for $7.99 if you pre-order on Revive’s website, 

Revive’s first album, Chorus of the Saints , is also available on the website for $9.99. You are also able to view blogs, tour dates, and the band’s bio. Please visit the website today and check out the great talents and inspirational message of Revive’s great albums.

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