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DOUBT (2008) Graphic Review

  • By John Robert
  • 25 Dec, 2008

An amazing and gripping film about faith and doubt.
—From the opening moments of John Patrick Shanley’s DOUBT to its conclusion, uncertainty hangs in the air, drawing the audience into a provocative mystery in which two nuns, a priest, and the mother of a young boy – as well as the audience itself -- are forced to confront their core beliefs as they struggle with judgment and verdict, conviction and doubt—
Now what could make a better story than that? To doubt is such an important part of faith. As Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. wisely observed, “To have doubted one's own first principles is the mark of a civilized man.”

John Patrick Shanley brings his Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning play to the screen as a gripping story about the quest for truth, the forces of change, and the devastating consequences of blind justice in an age defined by moral conviction. It's 1964, St. Nicholas in the Bronx. A vibrant, charismatic priest, Father Flynn (Academy Award® winner Philip Seymour Hoffman), is trying to upend the schools' strict customs, which have long been fiercely guarded by Sister Aloysius Beauvier (Academy Award® winner Meryl Streep), the iron-gloved Principal who believes in the power of fear and discipline. The winds of political change are sweeping through the community, and indeed, the school has just accepted its first black student, Donald Miller. But when Sister James (Academy Award® nominee Amy Adams), a hopeful innocent, shares with Sister Aloysius her guilt-inducing suspicion that Father Flynn is paying too much personal attention to Donald, Sister Aloysius sets off on a personal crusade to unearth the truth and to expunge Flynn from the school. Now, without a shard of proof besides her moral certainty, Sister Aloysius locks into a battle of wills with Father Flynn which threatens to tear apart the community with irrevocable consequence.

Release date: December 12, 2008
Studio: Miramax Films
Director: John Patrick Shanley
MPAA Rating: PG-13 (for thematic material)
Screenwriter: John Patrick Shanley
Starring: Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams, Viola Davis
Genre: drama

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