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HANNA (2011) Movie Review

  • By Cara Buckley
  • 08 Apr, 2011
Hanna is a very talented child, a special trained assassin. Everything from her extensive education to her extensive battle training was designed for an overall purpose. Everything about her suggests one purpose: to kill. However, something within her cries for something more. She wants new experiences like music and friendship.
When she becomes ready to take care of herself, her father presents her with a button. One push and her life as she knows it is over, and she would embark on a grand journey for survival. That button is her decision alone. Though the one decision unleashes a world of hurt on a lot of people, she knows it’s right and necessary in order to move on with her life.
Just like the people in Hanna’s life, there are people in everyone’s life who assume they know your destiny. They would seclude you from other opportunities and force you into a life you don’t want. You may feel like you can’t control your own life, but you can. There will be people in your life who won’t like it. Remember: you can’t please everyone. Hanna couldn’t. In fact, she was nearly killed after trying to walk away, but she did it anyway. She took control.
Take control of your life. It doesn’t matter what other people suppose you should do or be. Only you can know your purpose, and only you can make it happen. God gave you gifts and passions so you can use them to glorify Him. Are you glorifying God with your passions now? Or are you wasting your life away at some 9 to 5 job to make ends meet?

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