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  • By Cara Buckley
  • 26 Nov, 2015
Today is Thanksgiving. It would seem insulting to your intelligence to tell you to remember to be grateful. So, I will simply post this Bible verse and leave it at that.

Psalm 100:4: “Enter his gates with thanksgiving; go into his courts with praise. Give thanks to him and praise his name.” (NLT)

I would much rather touch upon the events of tomorrow, Black Friday. It is a day of immense savings, yes. However, it is also a day of great danger.  There hasn’t been a year when the news channels were flooded with stories of stampedes, security breaches, injuries, and even fatalities.

This is why I avoid any form of shopping on Black Friday. I avoid it like the plague. No sale is worth a trip to the hospital. No sale is worth the cost of a life.

It is a wonder why Black Friday shopping is still such a rage given devastating events that occur year after year. We are, on the other hand, heading in the right direction. With the popularity of online shopping rising, the need to venture into the most dangerous shopping day of the year decreases.

Many online stores provide the same incredible savings from the safety and comfort of your own home. I urge you, my friends, to take advantage of this revolutionary shopping method.

All you need is a debit/credit card, a secure device, and an internet connection. It’s that easy. Most importantly, it’s safe.

If you do opt to take the risk and venture out tomorrow, I would ask one thing of you. Show compassion and gratitude to the unfortunate sales and customer service workers. Wish them a Happy Thanksgiving. Working Black Friday is no picnic for them.

Don’t be THAT  customer, a customer so greedy and entitled that the feelings of another human being mean nothing. The kind of customer that makes the poor worker dealing with you think that unemployment is the better option. The kind of customer that makes others lose faith in humanity. As a customer service worker myself, I know exactly how that feels.

Remember you are fortunate for the opportunity to save money in the first place. Be thankful. Be calm. Be vigilant. Above all, keep safe.

Christ in Culture

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I am Cynthia Jones reminding you to be kind to others, and always do the Jesus thing.
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