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HOLIDAY IN HANDCUFFS (2007) Movie Review

  • By Cara Buckley
  • 08 Dec, 2007

Call me a sap, but I rate Holiday in Handcuffs as one of my favorite Christmas films. Despite its TV Movie status, it is a brilliant comedy/romance.

Trudy is a struggling artist/waitress with an insufferable family. They are so insufferable that she dreads the idea of joining them for Christmas with nothing to impress them. She fails at an interview with a promising job, and she hasn’t yet established herself as an artist. Her only hope in surviving the holidays is her successful boyfriend… until he dumps her.

That’s when she makes an unexpected decision to instead kidnap a handsome young man to bring home with a gun she steals from her boss. Most people would find this insane, including Dave Martin, her unfortunate victim. However, her mind is so preoccupied with her “greater concern” that she can’t even process the inevitable consequences of legal action and incarceration.

It certainly makes one wonder. How awful is this family that she would rather face prison time and a record than to face her family alone?

Answer: Awful enough for Trudy’s brother to fake a girlfriend rather than admit he’s a homosexual. Awful enough for her sister to fake law school rather than admit she aspires to be a palates instructor. Awful enough for her parent to suppress their frustrations instead of openly, honestly communicate with each other.

Abduction aside, Trudy is the realest person in the family. She is the only one who is brave and passionate enough to openly follow her dreams. In those few short days together David begins to see himself in her family. He has his own calling to start his own architecture business, but he allows fear to keep him grounded in a safe job in realty.

In effect, his unusual Christmas with this strange family and the chance to connect with his unusual captor is enough to reignite the flame of his passion. He separates from his rich, boring fiance, quits his safe job, and takes the first steps to establishing his business.

Trudy’s courage inspires him. It inspires them all. Does it inspire you? God gave us all different talents and callings for a reason and limited time to fulfill our calling. We don’t have time to waste playing safe. Be brave. Follow your dreams.

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