Two women fight over a baby, and the law must decide who keeps him. A complicated battle ensues until the child’s life becomes endangered. One of the mothers yields. She would rather save his life than keep him. It’s the story about the extent of a mother’s love.

In 1 Kings 3 a mother shows the same act of love in a dispute over a baby. King Solomon threatens to kill the child, and the real mother offers the baby to the other woman in order to save her life. Sacrifice is the ultimate act of love.

In this film, Like Dandelion Dust, a similar battle ensues over a boy, Joey, between his biological parents and his adoptive parents. After six years of a comfortable life, Joey is threatened with the possibility of losing everything he knows and loves. His adoptive parents go to extreme lengths to keep from losing him including breaking the law. Their desire to save their son from his biological father, an abuser and felon, overruled their fear of prosecution.

“Perfect love casts out fear,” explains Producer Bobby Downes about the message of the film in a phone interview.

Their example shows that family runs deeper than blood. It is a spiritual connection through love. Love is what defines a family, and the adoptive parents love Joey more than Rip could possibly understand.

However, the mother comes to understand, which is why she decides to let them keep him. Being a parent is doing what is best for your child, even if it means letting someone else give him a better life than you can provide.

The film is an emotion roller coaster that leaves you routing for all persons involved. It teaches a hard lesson about the hardships and risks of adoption and parenting. Imagine the pain that our Heavenly Father went through to sacrifice His only Son for the rest of us. God loves us that much.

Interview with Bobby Downes (producer):

Describe your job duties.

-acquiring rights, adapting book into play, hiring writer, casting, financing, set up, scout location (several continents), tour film in festivals

-12 months to cast boy. 200 auditioned

-5 year journey

What do you think inspired Karen Kingsburg to tell this story? The screenwriters?

-adopted Haiti boys. Writes from greatest fears. Feared losing them. What would you do to save the life of your son?

-1 Kings 2:15 – 2 mothers and the baby. King Solomon

What do you hope the audiences will take from the film?

-all kinds of people. Speaks to everyone differently. Hope people come to appreciate what they have, family.

-adoptive parents: know the risks of adoption. Cost, time, paper work, legality

-“Perfect love casts out fear.”

Additional notes:

Nothing gratuitous. For broad audience. Not to hit over heads with the Bible. Complex, subtle details, planting seeds. Great story, great production, great acting. Affirm people’s faith without imposing.

Telling a story vs. message (Jesus told stories)

John 3:16 – Mother gives up her only son to give Rip a new life. Chose not to condemn him, stayed with him.

Be true to Karen’s characters, what people love about her writers.