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HOP (2011) Movie Review

  • By Cara Buckley
  • 01 Apr, 2011
I found my calling at an early age. Ever since my fifth grade class writing project, I knew I wanted to be an editor. My teacher chose three editors to proofread all the stories, and I was one of them. It made me so proud to be chosen, and I knew from then on that it was my destiny. That class project gave me direction.
In Hop , Fred O’Hare begins as a man without direction and without passion with the exception of his childhood encounter with the Easter Bunny. He settles through life on entry level jobs and low expectations until along hops E.B., an obnoxious bunny with big dreams of his own.
He abandons his inheritance to pursue his passion for drumming. However, in the midst of his pursuit he unintentionally gives Fred the direction to find his destiny to become the Easter Bunny in E.B.’s place. He hadn’t realized at the time, but that first encounter set his destiny into motion. He was meant to save the Easter Bunny and thus saving Easter.
God gives us all gifts and passion for a reason. He gave E.B. a gift for drumming, and He gave Fred a passion that led to saving Easter. We must all use our gifts and passion to for the purpose of our ministries. It is our destiny on this Earth to reach people with the Word in any way we can. Look to your gifts and your passion, and you will find your ministry.

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