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  • By Cara Buckley
  • 19 Nov, 2015
Religious Authority or Con-Man?
I have mentioned before in my previous post about only two people to get so worked up over Starbucks’ red and green “Jesus hater” cups: Donald Trump (enough said) and one particularly nasty internet troll and self righteous former pastor Joshua Feuerstein.

I also touched upon Trump’s thoughtless statement over boycotting Starbucks and his lack of regard for the livelihoods of the Starbucks’ employees. Not that it would be possible to boycott such a large and popular chain. Get real, Trump.

Upon further research, I discovered many disturbing facts about Joshua Feuerstein that makes not only my skin crawl but makes me question the validity of his self-appointed religious authority.

Here, my dear friends, is a list of things you need to know about the man before you consider joining his flock of blind, hate-spewing followers:

He took down a business.Soap box of the week was gay marriage. So, he decided it would be a bright idea to call a bakery and order a fake cake that said “We don’t support gay marriage.” Assuming it was a prank call, the baker refused and hung up. It was an impressive show of backbone, but the poor woman had no idea what was in store for her. Which leads me to number two.
He engages in illegal activity. Without the baker’s knowledge or consent, he recorded and posted the fake order all over the internet encouraging people to call her and make more fake orders. Of course, his moronic little sheep did more than that. They harassed the poor baker with awful reviews, critical comments, and death threats. So, she did the only thing she could do. She called the police. Soon, media got involved. Feuerstein’s little fake order produced some very real consequences.
He scams people for money.In a supposed effort to expand and improve his so-called “ministry” (what I call, hate movement videos), he posted a GoFundMe page for a $20,000 camera. Shockingly enough, he had enough sheep to cover the costs. Not so shockingly, he never bought the camera. Instead, he claimed to buy two cheaper camera and studio equipment. That’s what he claimed, but we may never know on what he spent that massive chunk of change. It is interesting, though, that he was bold enough to post photos of all his expensive, new accessories.
His videos are emotional and unfounded.I have seen several of his videos, and it makes me wonder what the fuss is about. He’s all volume and raw emotion. No research. No facts. No scripture to back up his claims. Of course, if he bothered to check his facts and read the Bible he wouldn’t have any material in which to post his movements to threaten people’s lives or put innocent business owners out of work.
Let me do what Feuerstein refuses to do and back myself up with Scripture:

John 13:35: “Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.”

What love has Feuerstein and his band of sheep shown for the world? What fruit emerged from all of their effort? How many souls have been saved in the face of his campaigns?

The only thing he accomplished through this controversy is infuriating the rest of this country. He left a horrible mess in his wake and forcing the rest of us to clean it up.

This is the legacy Joshua Feuerstein pinned to the Christian name. For those of us who take our divine calling seriously, our job just got a whole lot harder thanks to this con-man, this bigot, this messenger of hate.

People like Feuerstein thrive on the outrage of their viewers. As long as millions of viewers continue to enable him, he won’t go anywhere. It’s a wonder he’s not in jail for the things he’s done.

Since he’s not, there is a very simple solution to neutralizing his poison. STOP WATCHING. Also, do your homework before picking up a phone or harassing an innocent business or giving your money to a scam artist. Knowledge can be your greatest asset. I urge you, my friends, not to squander it.

In the meantime, I take comfort in knowing he will be judged with the rest of us. What would the Father have to say about Joshua Feuerstein’s approach to ministry? The damage he caused all in God’s name? How fruitful is his branch?

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