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  • By Cara Buckley
  • 15 Jul, 2010
Lost Island Smugglers is the first of Max Elliot Anderson’s new series, Sam Cooper Adventures, which was released in August. The next books in the series will include Captain Jack’s Treasure and River Rampage. He focuses in action-adventure stories for children ages 8 – 13.
When Sam Cooper moves to Harper’s Inlet, Florida, he meets two free spirited boys who invite him to go scuba diving. His parents forbid it out of concern for his safety, but Sam’s only concerns are making a good impression on his new friends and having fun. So, he sneaks out of the house and lies about his location. Little does he know that may be the last things he says to them.
Their boat gets shipwrecked on a small island where he struggles with guilt and regret as well as survival. Since all of the boys sneak away, nobody know where to look for them or how to save them. They have no hope of rescue and little hope of survival. Not only that, but they find dangerous men harboring on the island.
I found the book to be an important lesson for children not to disobey or lie to their parents. It teaches about the consequences for disobedience and lies. The three boys sneaked out without telling anyone of their whereabouts, and it turns out it was a time they should have been the most honest. Better yet, the boys should have stayed at home where it was safe.
Anderson foreshadows this event at the start of the book in chapters two and six where the boys’ Sunday school teacher teaches the class about lying. Bottom line: the truth comes out. Lies never stay buried for long after which punishment ensues. Since the boys lie and sneak away they inevitably get caught when the police escort them back home. However, the boys had been through enough of a punishment with the shipwreck that they had learned their lesson before they even faced their parents.
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