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MALEFICENT (2014) Movie Review

  • By Cara Buckley
  • 30 Mar, 2014
Maleficent  is an incredible twist on Sleeping Beauty told from the side of the “wicked fairy.” She begins as a pure and diplomatic child whose soul goal in life is to care for and protect her forest, but she descends into a hateful existence when her wings are stolen from her. Her angry sends her down a path of darkness. Her anger is what drives her to curse Princess Aurora, daughter of the man who stole her wings.
However, over time, Maleficent discovers something of far greater value than her wings. She grows to love as her own daughter. It is a love so strong it is the only thing that can break her own curse upon the girl. Even after she tries to remove the curse another way, she fails. Only “true love’s first kiss” was able to break it.
What is true love?

John 15:13: “There is greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

The Bible defines many forms of love, but the greatest love is sacrificial. Maleficent had already lost her wings before enters her life. That loss is what drives Maleficent’s rage against King Stefan, a man driven mad with guilt and fear after stealing her wings. He is also a man willing to give up his only daughter to the hands of three incompetent fairies for sixteen years.
Without Maleficent’s secret care, would have starved to death in that first year. Without Maleficent’s watchful eye, would have fallen off a cliff. Without Maleficent’s protective magic, Stephan’s guards might have slain her. Without Maleficent’s willingness to venture to her possible death, would have died in her sleep.
Most of all, Maleficent finally accepts the possibility to never claim her wings. Instead, she devotes herself to saving from both the curse and the wicked King Stefan, who knows her greatest weakness. She risks her life to save , and there is no greater love than sacrificial love. It is the love God showed for us and the love we are expected to show each other.

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