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PREACHER'S KID (2010)  Movie Review

  • By Cara Buckley
  • 04 May, 2010

Preacher’s Kid , the story hits of a prodigal child, the shelves on DVD and Blue Ray on May 4. The Blue Ray package includes a digital copy, which allows you to view the movie on your computer for your own personal convenience. It also includes special features with “The Prodigal Experience: Reflections on a Story,” “The Music of the Preacher’s Kid,” LeToya Luckett: A Rising Star,” and “The Preacher’s Kid in Atlanta.”

Stan Foster, writer, producer and director, tells the story of the journey of Angie King, an innocent preacher’s daughter with a love for God and talent for singing. She allows the glamour of show business sweep her out of the safety of her father’s home and into a traveling gospel show. However, she finds that the performers aren’t as God fearing as they appear in their play. They veer her away from her virtuous life into sex, drugs, drinking, and abuse.

Meanwhile her father struggles to adapt to life outside the dependence on Angie and find the will to forgive her. He’s forced to reach outside the box and open up to other members of the community where he finds love and the ability to move on from his late wife and his wayward daughter.

She finds herself living the story of the play that had inspired her so much in the beginning. Her mentor tells her, “every song should be different because your character is experiencing different at every stage of the show… She’s three different people. She’s the girl that leaves home who’s filled with curiosity. She’s a one in the world who’s blinded by lust and a girl who repents… All three of those girls would sing the same song three different ways.”

But can she repent? Will she go home? Most importantly, will her father forgive her and take her back?

It’s a story of finding strength, forgiveness, and love. Sometimes, it’s all right in front of you but it takes an eye opening experience to make you realize it. “…the lesson here is that we can always come back home.”

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