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PRIEST (2011) Movie Review

  • By Cara Buckley
  • 13 May, 2011
History certainly repeats itself, whether it’s a rebellious priest in a vampire filled world or a rebellious priest in medieval England. Martin Luther acted against the church in the name of true salvation. The Catholic Church was corrupt then, and the church is corrupt in this film.
The church’s motto in Priest is “To go against the church is to go against God.”

That’s not entirely true.

Martin Luther challenged his church so much they wanted his head on a platter.

Even Christ himself spoke against the corrupt nature of the Pharisees.

Of course, no power of authority like to be spoken against (however true it may be), and we dearly pay for it.
However, it is necessary for the sake of our conscious and our convictions. Our authority figures are not always correct, and we all reach a point in our lives where we need to think for ourselves and fight for what we believe in. Our free will are what makes us human, what sets us apart for the angels.
Despite the fatal consequences and discouragement caused by the church, Priest would not have saved the world from the threat of another vampire attack if he had not rebelled. These are the people, the ones who make a difference on their terms, who we remember in history and who inspire us.
Don’t let people discourage you or stop you from your calling. If you know what you’re doing is right, then the only one whose disapproval you should worry about is God’s. Stay close to God and his Word. Do what He calls you to do, despite the obstacles and opinions of others.
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