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RAISING IZZIE (2012) Movie Review

  • By Cara Buckley
  • 21 Jul, 2012
We’ve all had times in our lives where we have asked something of God with a specific answer in mind. Then, God answers in a different way and a different time. The wait can be a test on one’s faith. I’ve seen it a lot. The key is learning patience.
A wise friend of mine once told me that God doesn’t bestow us with patience. Instead, he grants us the opportunity to be patient. God doesn't bestow us with understanding. He gives us the opportunity to be understanding.
That’s what happens with junior. high teacher Tonya and her husband in the film Raising Izzie . They want children, but Tonya is having trouble conceiving. I can’t imagine the kind of strain that would put one’s faith, let alone a marriage like Tonya’s. Her faith slips more with each failed conception attempt.
However, the Lord works in mysterious ways. He knows the desires of our hearts. More importantly, he knows our needs. At first Tonya fails to realize how much God intends to bring their two families together. Over time, however, they bond together as a family and God’s intentions become clearer, and it gives her a greater sense of fulfillment than she could hope for.
I love how this film remarks on human pride. Tonya becomes so wrapped up in her idea of parenthood that she nearly misses the opportunity God puts in front of her. This is something with which we all struggle, but we can also remedy by putting complete trust in the Lord. He has a plan for us all even though we can’t see it. Such as Tonya was unable to see her purpose at first.
We need to be always mindful of our purpose in this world. Not all of us know what it is, but God will reveal it to us if we open our minds and keep our eyes on the Great Commission. God has everything else under control. Praise be to Him.

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