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  • By Cara Buckley
  • 23 Mar, 2011
Christian families to pull their children out of public schools and put them into private or home schooling. They believe that such as action will somehow protect their children from indoctrination and “humanistic teaching.”
They compare public schools to Nazi Germany or the Soviet, and their children are sacrifices. One believer went as far as to call the public school system “Christ dishonoring, academically inferior, soul killing, government indoctrination centers.”
Wow. Hateful much? This is exactly the kind of talk that has corrupted the Christian image as hateful, intolerant, and close-minded. This is no different or no better than Pastor Terry Jones’ threat to burn the Quran or Rick Warren’s desire to kill gays in Africa. As long as these powerful Christian leaders continue to lead these hate campaigns in the name of Christ, people will continue to resist the loving salvation that Christ has to offer. Let us not forget that Christ ministered to tax collectors, lepers, and prostitutes. Untouchables. Where is that loving message now? Where is the universal, unconditional love that Christ taught and died for?
I’ll admit the public school system has its share of problems, and it does indeed have a long way to go. However, it is the only option for many families, Christian or not. How do they expect single parent or families living pay check to pay check to afford the thousand of dollars necessary for private schooling or the six hours a day for home schooling.
Not everyone has that luxury. For them, public schooling is a Godsend where they can get the attention, resources, and social training that the government offers for nothing. Also, they do NOT seek to indoctrinate our children. America is a nation unbound by any religion. The separation of church and state is a necessity to keep any religion from gaining absolute power and thus absolute corruption.
One of my goals as Editor for Christ in Culture is to promote tolerance and acceptance between Christians and today’s culture. Time and again I have heard Christians preach against our cultural progression as a threat when it should be met with gratitude. We were called to minister to people all over the world, and this is the world in which we live. Nothing about the Great Commission has changed. We are still called to minister, reach out, show people Christ’s love, not to isolate. That is what the Exodus Mandate seeks to do. Isolate.

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