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STAR WARS (2017) Movie Preview

  • By Cara Buckley
  • 11 Dec, 2017
In all my years as a Reviewer, I have never seen as strong a reaction to a single franchise. There have been countless theories and endless speculation over Star Wars: The Last Jedi in two short years. It will all be put to the test in four more days.

For example, many fans are very eager to discover the parentage of Rey. Is she a Solo, a Skywalker, a Palatine, or a Kenobi. Perhaps, she is a complete stranger to the friends and family of the Skywalker bloodline.

My questions regarding Rey's parentage:
How important is it to the integrity of the story?
Does it affect her power?
Will it affect her fate?

Rey is a woman on a personal journey. Not only does she want answers about her origin, but more importantly, where she is going. Daisy Ridley admits that Rey is on a personal journey. She seeks answers about her purpose in life. She wants family, belonging, and love after a lifetime of mere survival.

The Last Jedi is bound to be a roller coaster for her. According to trailers and interviews, Luke is promising to be a reluctant, difficult teacher. He is certainly not eager to give her the emotional belonging she craves. It is not the kind of dynamic one would expect in a father and daughter or an uncle and niece. The only dynamic Luke may give Rey is that of a frustrating teacher (assuming he agrees to teach her at all).
The complexities of this dynamic are most intriguing. In her interview, Daisy reveals that it will be a mix of good and bad. She may not find satisfaction in meeting the infamous Jedi. She must earn his trust. She must convince him of her worth, because of his trust issues. She works hard during her stay with him. She learns. She explores. She is pushed to the limit. Her survival skills may prove to be a great advantage to her training.

Temptation plays an important role. Kylo Ren returns. Snoke originally orders Kylo to bring him the girl. That appears to remain the mission. Rey will wind up confronting both Kylo Ren and Snoke. Will her constitution be as strong as Luke's in the Return of the Jedi? Will she resist the temptation of the Dark Side? Will she succeed in redeeming Kylo Ren? Or Luke?


In order for there to be the long a-waited balance that both Anakin and Luke Skywalker fails to provide, Rey must be an advocate for the light and Kylo Ren must be an advocate for the dark. They are destined to be enemies, always opposing. Always at odds.
Or are they?...

Both are young and have potential. Both struggle to understand their purpose. Both question their place. Both represent the future. Perhaps, they will explore the one side that is not yet explored in the Star Wars film franchise.

The Grey Jedi.

The harmonious mix of light and dark.

Is this the secret that Luke is hiding? Is this the answer he discovers on Ach-To in the ancient books? Is this the fate of Rey? Will this finally conclude the quest for balance in the galaxy?

The galaxy (much like the world) in in desperate need of harmony, peace, unity, and love.

Will Rey succeed where others fail? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, try not to drown in frivolous speculation. All will be revealed soon.



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