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  • By Cara Buckley
  • 01 Jan, 2016
Who is REY?
Star Wars: The Force Awakens is now the top grossing film in history. Box office numbers speak for themselves, and they scream success. However, those numbers pale in comparison to the awing number of posts, reviews, fan theories, and fan fiction that have blown up the internet since the film premiered.

One of those top theories regarding the parentage of the main character, Rey.

Is she the daughter of Luke Skywalker?

Is she the daughter of Han and Leia Solo?

Is she the granddaughter of Obi Wan Kenobi?

Some fans seem to think that these are the only options available, because she is force sensitive.

Here is my question. If force sensitivity is strictly genetic, then where did all of Luke’s other students come from? It is entirely possible that Rey is not related to any of the older Star Wars characters. It is entirely possible that her meeting with Luke at the end of the film is for the first time. Rey’s origin remains unknown for now.
Here is what we do know about Rey.

Force Sensitive






Hard Working

Physically Fit


All of the qualities we want in a hero.

Where is she going?
The Force Awakens ends on a cliff hanger that will leave counting the days for the next episode. She and Luke Skywalker are united, which suggests that he will train her to be a Jedi. We also know that it is Leia’s goal to reunite with her brother, so he would assist the resistance. Whether or not he agrees to do so will be revealed in Episode VIII.

She has a lot of potential to be a great Jedi and a great hero. Her battle with Kylo Ren isn’t over. The struggle between the First Order and the Resistance isn’t over. The development between her many new relationships is not over. There are many things in store for the next two episodes.
In the meantime, there is no shame in exploring theories and exercising critical thinking. I have enjoyed watching the videos, reading the fanfiction, and considering the theories. It is fun, and that is all it should be. It would unhealthy to obsess. I would hate for a theory to ravel out of control enough to create a bad experience should the real story prove it wrong. Don’t let that happen. Enjoy Star Wars for what it is and all it can be. Remain open-minded about the origins of our hero. There is still so much we can learn about and from her.

Christ in Culture

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Proverbs 31:9 - "Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless, and see that they get justice." (NLT)
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John 7:24 - "Look beneath the surface so you can judge correctly.”
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