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TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT (2011) Movie Review

  • By Cara Buckley
  • 04 Mar, 2011
Not everyone knows their calling straight out of college, not even Matthew Franklin, a brilliant mathematician graduated from MIT. However, he hates the idea of turning his skills into a career.
Directionless and un-driven, he quits his high paying job and starts working at a video store. In walks Tori, his old high school crush, and for the first time he has a goal. It’s a small goal, but it’s one he goes to great lengths to achieve it.
He lies to Tori about his job in order to impress her. When she finds out, she feels used and betrayed. The only way he can reconcile with her is to prove he’s not a coward, so he announces his confession before an entire crowd of people like a confession of his sins to God. He was then submerged in a pool like a baptism cleansing him of his sin and giving him clarity. After the experience, he achieves his goal and discovers another, a calling he wouldn’t hate to do.
Matt isn’t the only one who resists his perceived calling. His sister Wendy comes to doubt her engagement and Tori hates her successful job. The only difference between him and them is that he acted upon his doubts despite the objections of everyone else. All he needed was a little direction, and Tori provided that direction.
Many people have trouble finding direction, especially fresh out of college. It can be very difficult to determine our purpose in this world. However, the one thing I do know is that a calling comes from deep within our hearts and should make us happy to perform. If you’re not happy working, then you’re not fulfilling your purpose.
God grants us gifts, but he also grants us a passion to use them. Matt didn’t feel any passion for his gift, but he felt passion for Tori. That passion drove him to achieve his goal even though it meant embarrassing and endangering himself. Such a passion is what should drive us to fulfill our own callings whatever they may be.

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