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THE HUNTSMAN: WINTER’S WAR (2016) Movie Review

  • By Cara Buckley
  • 21 Apr, 2016

1 Corinthians 13:13 says, “Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.” (NLT)

This prequel and/or sequel of Snow White and the Huntsman  provides an excellent representation of the importance of love, honesty, and communication in a relationship.

Many things about the Huntsman Eric’s past is revealed.

Where did he come from?

What is the origin of his excellent combat training?

Who is his wife, and how did she die?

What are the odds that Eric would go to work in two kingdoms that are ruled by sisters?

The Huntsman: Winter’s War  takes place both before and after Snow White and the Huntsman. It first reveals his origins, introduces his wife, Sara, and explains how she dies. She appears to be murdered by Queen Freya. She is not only queen of the lands north of Ravenna, but also Ravenna’s sister.

Driven mad with grief, Freya becomes just as powerful, evil, and murderous as Revanna. She rules her people with no kindness, honesty, or love. In fact, love is treason. Love is betrayal. Love is a threat to Freya. However, Eric and Freya in their heart of hearts know this way of life is wrong, and they strive to escape it. Thus, they commit treason for which Eric is severely punished. He loses Sara, but he wins his freedom.

This is where he is introduced in Snow White and the Huntsman. After Snow White is crowned, Eric’s journey continues as her protector. There is one thing left to do to purge the evil from the kingdom. Revanna’s evil mirror must go to a safe haven away from Snow White’s state of mind and away from the hands of any potential wrong doer, especially Freya.

Little does he know this final charge will bring down upon him every guilt and consequence of his past. This grants him the opportunity to make ammends for his past sins. Through love he reconciles with his wife. Through love he confronts Revanna’s sister, Freya. Through love he defeats the evil in the mirror. Ultimately, he saves Snow White and her kingdom once again. Through love.

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