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TIME AFTER TIME (2017) TV Review

  • By Cara Buckley
  • 04 Mar, 2017

Why was it cancelled?

Time after Time presented a exciting concept where Jack the Ripper travels through time to modern day New York.

How would the world's most notorious killer adjust to the new time and setting? What weapons would he use? Who would he target? Would the use of modern technology lead to his identification? Would the attention brought on by the media deter him? Would he be caught and brought to justice? Would he find redemption.

These are few of the many questions burning in my mind as I committed myself to the five weeks that was allowed to this series. However, the answers were unsatisfying if they were answered at all. Instead, a confusing and complicated plot unraveled causing viewers (including myself) to lose interest. The show was immediately cancelled; the sixth episode never to air.

Generally, I am not one to complain. It is my job to find beauty in all things, and it saddens me that Time After Time lost the opportunity to redeem itself. At the same time, I don't blame the network for dropping it. In a show about Jack the Ripper, the story should include Jack the Ripper. In five mere episodes, three crazy conspiracies surface while Jack plays second fiddle. He becomes more fixated petty competition with his rival and regaining use of the time machine than continuing his legacy.

Let this instead be a learning experience. One of my greatest lessons while studying television production: KISS, keep it simple, stupid. Time After Time  was anything but. Meanwhile, I still find myself contemplating all my original questions. The failure of Time after Time is a pity. It had so much potential, but that potential was wasted. Such is life. We carry on. Television is filled with more shows than we could ever watch. Let us enjoy other stories.

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