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  • By Cara Buckley
  • 24 Apr, 2010
Casting Crowns released a live visual and audio recording of their national tour

2010 Dove Award winner, Casting Crowns released a live visual and audio recording of their national tour, Until the Whole World Hears, which was played at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, N.C. on April 24th in front of a screaming full house.

The DVD opens behind stage as the band prepares for the concert and outside the coliseum as eager fans slowly file inside. Then, it cuts to the band as they emerge on stage before the screaming house. The fans continue to scream as they begin their first song, “Until the Whole World Hears.” Two large screens on the stage invite the audience to sing along in worship as they provide lyrics. The audience enthusiastically responds with raised hands, sways, and jumps.

Half way through the concert, lead singer Mark Hall interjects the music with a short message that begs the question, “Who are we outside the walls of our church?” He makes the point that our relationship depends on what we do in our everyday lives and our personal relationships with God, which is the theme behind the song “To Know You.”

“An everyday walk with God does not come from visiting a building once a week. It comes from getting in the Word for myself,” he explains.

Hall also explains that the inspiration behind his songs come from his youth ministry. All seven band members are youth workers for their churches in Atlanta, GA and their band is something they do on the side. It is commendable and inspiring that they serve God in many aspects of their lives through both music and youth ministry. All of them are amazing musicians and singers, and they display it by taking turns singing solos during the concert.

The Bonus Features include the music video for “Until the Whole World Hears”, interviews with the band and crew, clips, and much more. The multiple formats of DVD and CD make it possible to enjoy their powerful praise music visually and audibly. The recordings are available in stores and online.

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