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WONDER (2010) Music Review

  • By Cara Buckley
  • 24 Aug, 2010
Michael Smith's “most powerful and personal album of his career.”

After twenty-seven years of recording albums, Michael W. Smith returns with his twenty-second album, which is described as Smith’s “most powerful and personal album of his career.”

It’s very exciting to see such a renowned artist continue to create this moving Christian music. I remember growing up listening to his music throughout my childhood and finding comfort in his praise songs including “Above All”, “Awesome God”, and “Be Lifted High.” Now, I continue to find that same comfort that he is still blessing his audience with his compositions in Wonder.

Smith explores a new sound with the ever changing technology available to artists, however, his voice remains as distinct as his first album with his gentle, sweet sound. He has also appointed a new team of musicians and writers including Stu G, Matthew West, Matt Maher, and many others.

There are no moving renditions of old favorite worship songs here. Instead, Smith expresses his struggle with the disparities and doubts of life while enduring in wonder of God. In “Forever Yours” and “You Belong to Me”, he pledges to his wife, Debbie, his love and devotion to her, and in “Welcome Home” he struggles with the loss of a loved one.

For all of you Michael W. Smith fans, this album will be a perfect addition to your collection of his inspiring albums. It is a new approach and a new sound, but underneath the technological effects and the sad words, it is the same great worship artist that I enjoyed as a child. I sincerely hope that he continues his work and releases more albums like Wonder.

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