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WRECK IT RALPH (2012) Movie Review

  • By Cara Buckley
  • 02 Nov, 2012
From the moment I saw the trailer for this Wreck It Ralph , I knew it would be a hit. The idea is completely original, and it honors a nearly forgotten part of my childhood. Seeing this world come to life is a thrill ride. Wreck It Ralph is the villain of a successful arcade game, Fix-It Felix Jr. Despite thirty years of work, he feels that there’s something missing. He feels empty.
The Bad-anon opening scene effectively entices the audience to feel sympathy for Ralph. Mostly because his colleagues have allowed his bad guy role to influence the way they treat him. His status as an outcast in his game drives him to escape his world as much as possible, much spent at Tappers, the video game bar. After discovering that he is not invited to the game’s anniversary party, he leaves the game for an entire day desperate to prove that he can be just as good a hero as Felix.
He eventually finds himself in the go-cart game, Sugar Rush, and meets a fellow outcast, Vanellope. Reluctantly, he agrees to help her become a racer not realizing that his actions in helping her are more heroic than the medal he steals from Hero’s Duty. The more he stays in Sugar Rush to help Vanellope, the more corruption he uncovers until he finds the entire game’s existence under threat.
It is not until backed against the exit does he find the true hero within. He cannot bring himself to leave Vanellope to die alone. So, he plunges himself back into the game in order to save her and all of Sugar Rush. He makes the decision to commit the ultimate act of heroism – self sacrifice.
I was extremely impressed by the originality behind Wreck it Ralph. It successfully brought to life a whole new world. Its brilliance and simplicity make it fun for all ages. The twist was completely unexpected, and the morals are countless. By far, Wreck It Ralph is one of the best films of 2012.

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